About Lexicon Financial Group

Lexicon Financial Group at Raymond James Investment Counsel was established in 2020 around the values and views of Craig Swistun, Associate Portfolio Manager. He believes, then and now, that building long-term relationships with families and foundations is the first step towards achieving superior results.

That's because whether you are an institutional investor stewarding donated assets or a parent saving for your daughter's education, virtually all of the media we consume -- all of the supporting material provided by investments companies, research reports and most from whom we seek advice speak in bips, beeps, alpha and EBITDA.

It might as well be the script for an episode of Lost in Space. No wonder financial literacy is a problem for so many.

Lost in the jargon of our industry are real investment challenges requiring real solutions. By changing the way we speak and think about investments, we change the vocabulary -- the lexicon. We take time to learn why an investment is being made before presenting a recommendation.


About Raymond James Investment Counsel

Raymond James Investment Counsel ("RJIC")is a discretionary portfolio management firm. Individual portfolio management teams are empowered to provide clients with the advantages of independent advice and investment solutions free of product conflict or compensation bias. Additionally, as portfolio managers, Raymond James Investment Counsel has a fiduciary obligation to always act in the best interest of clients. Click here for more information on working with a Portfolio Manager.

The firm traces its roots back to 1840, when Donald Lorn MacDougall became one of the first stock brokers in Montreal, ultimately founding MacDougall, MacDougall & MacTier in 1849. Since then, the firm has continued to work in support of individual, institutional, pension and foundation clients.